Thursday, April 15, 2010

Its my party and I'll be confused if I want to

OK, so I stumbled upon this Ultimate Blog Party a few days ago and I read all about it and thought it sounded pretty neat, so I decided to participate.

 Since then, I have returned and reread what I'm supposed to do and started to do it and done part of it or linked to more instructions or clicked on an interesting blog I noticed out of the corner of my eye. . .and here we are the day before the party ends and I've yet to complete the steps to be an active attendee of the party (aka qualified participant in the giveaways because I'm all about the giveaways. . .in fact, I'm considering hosting my own. Just for the sheer heck of it).

I've received a few comments from bloggers who have linked to my blog and I've in turn read theirs and started following, but I still can't wrap my overloaded little brain around this blog party. I admit I haven't given it sufficient time, mainly because the only person, place, or thing I've given sufficient time to in the past 3 years is, well, my 3 year old. . .and even she'd beg to differ on that one.

I've decided tonight's the night, though. I am going to blog party like I've never partied before (beware blogosphere. . .these nights sometimes end up a little unsettling). And I invite you to do so with me. Blogger or not.

If you participate, there are some fabulous prizes to win! My first choice would be the 2 night stay at a Hilton Garden Inn (US39), which I would enjoy with me, myself, and I. . .and maybe some room service and a bottle of wine. If I can't have that, however, the $50 Visa gift card would be nice (US104), then perhaps the Microderm abrasion creme package (US109), the "Get Fit Pack" (US 105), or any of the Paypal, Amazon, Target, or Walmart gift cards!

Click below to go as crazy as one can go by blogging the night away (Just make sure the kids are in bed first because, once you enter, the links are endless and the wit and wisdom is abundant!) Have fun!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010